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Monday, February 7, 2011

Shipwreck Beach

It is in the blood.. Born in a country where so much of the land has been reclaimed from the sea, I now live in a place surrounded by ocean and equally threatened by the elements of wind and water.

One of the gifts of having visitors come to see us here, is that I get to see the beauty that surrounds me with fresh eyes. While winterstorms rage all over, we walk barefoot in the sand.

Recently my 'baby'sister and husband came to visit all the way from the Netherlands. I took them on our favourite walk from Brennecke's Beach to Shipwreck's Beach along the ancient Hawaiian  fishing grounds.  There is so much mana in those old rocks..  We see a glimpse from days of old in a local fisherman throwing his net or casting a line...  Much has changed but the smell of seaweed, the salt and the wind surely remain the same...

I painted this location once shortly after moving here. I wanted to capture everything there was to see in this beautiful place in a painting then. Something you can take home and say, I was there.. The people who own the original loved it because their girls grew up surfing on Shipwreck Beach.

I remember being inspired to paint the location: it was a late afternoon and kind of overcast. Black mountain mostly in the clouds. It was fun to try and capture the force of the surf in acrylic paint on canvas. I am not a plein air painter per se. So I sketched and photographed and then made it my own in the studio later on.  
The prints of this work continue to bring joy as as a memory to take home.  You can find it on my website, http://www.liedekebulderart.com/. in the gallery 'Kauai Skies and Stuff'.

I am trying to learn from the sea turtles swimming around the coves of the sacred fishing grounds at Shipwreck Beach.  Moving on. Going with the flow of life. Once wanting to capture it all in a pretty picture. Now letting go of certainty and definition. Oh my goodness, do milestone birthdays have something to do with that??

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Paula Zina said...

How lucky you are to not only have sweet and profound memories tucked away in the grey tissue of the mind, but also have it on canvas for the outer seeing eyes to enjoy and admire. To leave such profound part of your spirit on this earth to live forever is magical and such a blessing for you and for generations to come. And yes mile stone birthdays have everything to do with moving lightly through life and be void of burdens of our circumstance and old believes.
I so regret that I never met you since I am Dutch Indonesian. En ik spreek ook nog een mondje vol Nederlands. Ik ken een andere Artiste die heet Margeret Ezekiel. Ik denk wel dat je haar kent. Ik ben heel blij dat een vriendin van me je email gaf. Prachtige kunst, benijdenswaardig.
Bedankt voor het plezier van je schilderijen.
Paula Zina