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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Spiderwoman, mixed media on paper, 7" x 6"

I am back after quite a few months away from writing any blogs.  Sometimes life gets too overwhelming and dear friends, sorry, but I am not that much of the digital age that I can pour my heart and soul out on line for all to see…
Yes I am back and opening a new exhibit this coming Saturday at Kat Cowan’s delightful little place in the alley at downtown Kapaa on the East side of Kauai Island on Kuhio Hwy. 
The name of the show is EPIPHYTIC.  I have been asked by a number of people:  what is ‘epihytic’??
Epiphytic means:  not drawing nourishment from other plants or ground but from air/moisture in the air and therefore not parasitic.  I felt that to be a wonderful description for my orchid pieces.  For me orchids are  metaphors for us humans.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  We are earthbound with all our ego frills, vanities and needs yet spiritual  beings on a journey to a higher dimension.

In this exhibit I am still on my orchid binge. Not necessarily only moth orchids like before but EPIPHYTES for sure. The majority of orchids grow as epiphytes on trees where suitable regimes of light and humidity occur.  Most of the critters featured in this show are free floating, suspended in air, no roots.  There will be a few of my moth orchid images as well.  But the featured orchid is the spider orchid.  And, yes, I did have someone in mind when creating some of the new, smaller pieces.
Opening reception should be lots of fun with live music by the New Old School band, refreshment, pupus, fire dancing.  Kat throws a great party! 
Hope to see you there.  If not, the show runs through the summer and comes down 9/29/11.

Gallery will be closed, however, last week of August and first week of September!
A hui hou!

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