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Monday, January 6, 2020


A new decade!  A new normal and some of it expressed in a showing of new work, my first solo feature show in almost a decade...

This last decade was a tough one:  I walked the Lewy Body Dementia journey with my husband of almost 30 years and stopped really being in the creative flow for a while.... But I am back!!!

The above piece is called FREE.  Inspired by several things; meditative labyrinth walks,  the cycle of life, the breaking of the bonds of suffering,  the Hawaiian witch moth (ascalapha odorata) purported to appear after the death of a loved one to ???  And that is indeed how it happened in our case!

You can see this work during the month of January at www.HashisFineArtGallery.com
I will be at the gallery on Thursdays 12-4;30 pm or email me for more info.

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Donna Carrick said...

Lovely to see your new work and so appreciate your sharing what motivates and inspires you in this format, Liedeke. Here’s to a new decade. Can’t wait to see where you go!