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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Full Circle

Roots to Wings IV, mixed media on paper. 
20" x 12"

How serendipitous it is for an artist to receive the gift of "full circle" for his or her work.  This happened to me a week ago when I was doing my turn of 'sitting' the gallery and this very alive woman, about my age, I think, walks in and is really touched by my work.    She was a collector from the San Francisco Bay area and we made an instant connection on different levels... Not only did she "get" the work but was moved by it to the point of making a purchase of the last drawing I had finished for this new show "Roots to Wings".

The piece, like most of my art work, tells a story about the cycle of life and transformation.   Here expressed with the movement from earth and darkness and roots to air, light and wings.  From cocoon to butterfly.... not an easy, painless journey....

I felt the joy and reward of experiencing my creative gifts "gone full circle".


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